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Family Violence Warning Signs Tip Sheet

Family Violence Warning Signs Tip Sheet

Family Violence Warning Signs Tip Sheet

Research into disasters suggests that people are at greater risk of experiencing family violence during periods of crisis, such as the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Now more than ever, it is crucial that those working in front-line essential services, who still have contact with members of the community, know how to recognise family violence and respond appropriately. This knowledge could save someone’s life.  

Developed by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria for essential workers, this two-page tip sheet clearly and concisely lays out the warning signs or indicators which may suggest someone is experiencing family violence. 

It also provides practical advice on what to do if you suspect someone is experiencing abuse, including where you can refer them for specialist help and support. 

Download the Tip Sheet

Once downloaded, distribute this resource with those you know who work in essential services through printing a copy for your workplace or sharing it via email, Facebook and/or LinkedIn